Social Media – Your Springboard to the Business World

By Sofia Bergstrom
Editorial Columnist

Some people think of social media as God’s gift to man as it allows us to connect with people all across the globe, brag about our latest vacation trip and show off how many friends we have. On the other hand, there are those who curse its manipulative nature and how it is, slowly but surely, taking over our lives by making people procrastinate on important commitments and tasks.

Nonetheless, social media is here to stay, whether we like it or not. And to successfully navigate through the social media jungle and the growing number of platforms can be challenging.

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Are certificates the future of Higher Education?

Certificates have swelled to become the second most common postsecondary award in the U.S.: Over 1 million are awarded each year. In the context of concerns about rising college costs and student loan debt, certificates, which are cheaper and take less time to complete than college degrees, have become of increasing interest to researchers, institutions, and other stakeholders in higher education.”  — Anthony P. Carnevale, Stephen J. Rose,  Andrew R. Hanson. Georgetown University. 
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President Kyle Explains RU Alert System

Radford University is dedicated to excellence regarding the safety of their students. The creation of the RU Alert system has allowed parents and students to have piece of mind. In light of recent crimes occurring throughout the semester, the system is under a magnifying glass to see how well it can protect RU students. Continue reading

Quadfest 2012

There is only one event in southwestern Virginia that can bring police from multiple counties, dozens of EMS vehicles, and the National Guard out in full force, Quadfest. Even the heavy rains did not stop RU students and visitors from carrying on the tradition. Continue reading

COBE Building to Open Fall 2012

As you approach Radford University’s campus, one of the first things that you notice is a massive structure under construction. This area consumed by hustle and bustle behind the construction fences will soon be home to RU’s new College of Business and Economics (COBE). Continue reading

RU Community Orchestra Inaugural Performance

February 22, 2012 RADFORD,Va -Tuesday night Covington Hall on Radford University’s campus was consumed by a symphony of strings and woodwinds as RU’s Community Chamber Orchestra filled the Performance Hall with the works of the masters of music.

Image As the members of the Orchestra filed in and the violinists drew their bows a flood of beautiful music swept the audience away with a preview of the night to come as the final adjustments to the polished instruments were made. Continue reading

New Greek Housing at W&M

New Greek housing is coming to William and Mary. The Greek students are being given the opportunity to give their organizations an official home on campus.