Cabrera ‘all for’ football, if able to pay

Cabrera ‘all for’ football, if able to pay — Connect 2 Mason

Incoming university president Ángel Cabrera told Faculty Senate members last week that he’s “all for” more football in Mason’s future if there’s a way to pull it off financially.

Cabrera, who will become Mason’s sixth university president effective July 1, made the comments at an informal meet-and-greet with Faculty Senate members in context of a question about football in the university’s future. While discussing the unifying pride a sports team can bring to members of an institution, he answered the question saying he was “all for” building upon the pride that already exists in Mason’s men’s basketball. Continue reading


Colleges address rise in transfer students

Alex Most traded the streets of Foggy Bottom for the hills of Medford, Mass. when the sophomore political science major transferred from GW to Tufts University last year in search of a school away from the city.

“Given the chance to transfer again, I’d take it every time,” he said, joining a growing number of students nationally who pack their bags and switch schools.

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Lot R to shrink with new freshman dorm construction

Lot R to shrink with new freshman dorm construction (Connect 2 Mason)

Parking Lot R will shrink by about 200 spaces following construction of a new housing project that is slated to begin next winter.

Nancy Pickens, facilities project manager, said the unnamed residence hall will reside in a portion of the space currently occupied by Parking Lot R, although the exact placement of the building has yet to be decided.

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BOV rector calls search confidentiality practice ‘infraction,’ not ‘violation’

BOV rector calls search confidentiality practice ‘infraction,’ not ‘violation’ (Connect 2 Mason)

Board of Visitors Rector Ernst Volgenau said in front of the Faculty Senate Wednesday that the BOV did not “technically follow the rule of the Faculty Handbook” in the recent presidential search process, and stood by the BOV’s right to change some of the document’s policy.

“As Rector, I apologize for not following the spirit of the Faculty Handbook,” said Volgenau during the regular Faculty Senate meeting. “I don’t think we are compelled to follow it. There are parts of the Faculty Handbook that are also parts of contracts and those parts can’t be changed.”

Volgenau’s statements come amidst an ongoing debate between Faculty Senate, administrators and the BOV concerning confidentiality in the presidential search process.

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Kids Ages Six and Nine Living in W&M’s Dorms

Two young kids’ home is a college dorm on William and Mary’s Campus. The two youngsters went straight from the hospital to the dorm. Living with 18-22 year olds next door leads to am interesting experiance.

W&M compares the past US Presidents to Students today

A guest speaker reveals the study habits of the Nation’s past Presidents to those of students on W&M’s campus today. The differences are not as vast as you might think

A sprint to the finish for admissions officers

The University’s admissions office is normally calm, but as the acceptance deadline nears, it is bustling with activity.

More than 30 admissions officers have read about 21,600 undergraduate applications over the past two and a half months, shaping the Class of 2016 until letters of acceptance go out at the end of this month.

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